On our journey today, we are going to fly out to England for a nice three days weekend.

I will introduce you to the English culture & especially the culture of Bath.

Bath is a great city very close to London. It has everything you can desire from pubs, restaurants, night outs to swimming pools, shopping centers & gyms.

It is a great place to spend a weekend with some friends.


Life in Bath – England

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Bath is a great old English town & is probably one of the best spot you can land in for some nice weeks of enjoyments.

I arrived in Bath and had great opportunities to meet warm & greatful people.

The first picture is a friend & I having a nice burger before heading to a pub.

Having a burger in BathBath – England

If you decide to travel & visit England, don’t miss out on the oppportunity to visit Bath!


Visit of Bath – England

Where is Bath?

Bath is known as a Roman-built baths & in 2011, the population was around 100 000.

It is also part of the valley of the River Avon & is the largest city in the county of Somerset.

Bath and the entire city itself became a spa.

Bath became famous for its spa and is a booming city that has software, publishing, and service-oriented industries.


Town Hall & Church – Bath


Gallery Of The Best Spots In Bath


Old Bridge & Church – Bath


Center of Bath – England


Nice Restaurants in Bath

Why Should You Go To England For Your Next Destination?

Choosing the right destination for your next trip is really important for creating that unique memory & experience.

Before you travel, familiarize yourself with your next trip… prepare yourself mentally to travel. It can be exhaustive and tiring to travel but it’s the best experience you will ever had!

Would you like to consider England for your next trip?

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