Visit Of ManchesterVisit of Manchester

History of Manchester

Manchester is a city based in the North East of England…the city has a population of more than half a million. It lies within the United Kingdom’s second-most inhabited area after London.

Historically, Manchester is part of Lancashire and throughout the middle ages Manchester remained a great town and started to expand at an astonishing rate.

Manchester had a very hard time to cope with the boom of the textile manufacture during the industrial revoluation as the urbanisation was mostly unplanned, although it became the world’s first industrualised city.

Hostel Hatters Hostel Hatters – Manchester

I stayed two nights in this nice hostel in Manchester, close to the city center and very close to all groceries. You can rent a bed for less than 18 pound a night, which is a great value if you decide to travel on a budget.

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The first night was really fun as I met a few people from Belfast and an English guy from Devon, two hours away from London. We went down to the hostel’s basement, where they hosted a nice party and we had a few drinks while dancing. It was a great time!

If you want to enjoy Manchester, go to the Hostel Hatters; it provides a great value.

Pubs in ManchesterPubs in Manchester

The night-life in Manchester has expanded drastically for 30 years, with investment from breweries in bars, public houses and clubs, along with local authorities. Manchester has the most popular city for events at 79 per thousand people.

It also has the Madchester scene of the 1980s, from which groups are coming to play such as The Smiths, The Stone Roses or The Charlatans.

Unfortunately, Manchester suffers a lot of violence of drug-related.

Life in Manchester

Manchester is a great place for international student, with up to 100 languages spoken in the city.

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A rough estimation suggests that half the population is multilingual, with more than 50% of kids talking another language beside English.

Church in Manchester

Church in Manchester

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