Where Is The Giant’s Causeway?

Belfast to Giant's CausewayBelfast to Giant’s Causeway
Giant's CausewayGiant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption.

It’s located on the north coast of Northern Ireland (Picture 1) in County Antrim.

The Giant’s Causeway has been declared in 1986 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and also a national nature reserve in 1987.

The tops of the columns forms incredible stepping stones.

Giant's CausewayGiant’s Causeway


According to legend, the colums are purely built by a giant. The story goes so far in time that it’s hard to predict when it happened.

The story however remains famous as an Irish giant Fionn mac Cumhaill from the Fenian Cycle was challenged to death by the Scottisch giant Benandonner.

Fionna apparently accepted the challenge and built up the causeway accross the North Channel so that these two giants could meet.

When Benandonner met the size of the Irish giant, he fled back to Scotland in fright, destroying the causeway behind him so that Fionn wouldn’t be able to chase him down.


Giant's CausewayNice view in Giant’s Causeway

It’s a great Irish mythology, however Fionn mac Cumhaill wasn’t a giant but a hero with supernatural abilities…


The Giant’s Causeway is internationally famous & received international attention when it received the first award in 1740 and were engraved in 1743.

The site started to become really popular with tourists visiting it during the nineteeth century… Visitors can also walk over the basalt columns which are next to the sea.

On the way to the Giant's CausewayOn the way to the Giant’s Causeway
Great friends picture in Giant's CausewayGreat friends with in Giant’s Causeway
Basalt ColumnsWhat an incredible wall!

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