As you all know, I am currently living in Galway, on the other westside of Ireland… For a weekend, we decided to hop on to our friend’s car and to travel northward to Belfast. Belfast is about 5 hours of Galway.

Galway - Belfast

As you can see above, in only 4-5 hours you get on the other side of the Island… Ireland is a relatively small country but as a lot to offer.


Belfast meaning “rivermouth of the sandbanks” in Irish is the capital city of Northern Ireland.

It is the largest city in Northern Ireland and second biggest & largest city on the island with a population of more than 350 000 inhabitants.

For a very long time, the city suffered greatly during the troubles which occured in the 1970s and 1980s and Belfast was considered as one of the world’s most dangerous cities.

Since the 21st century the city has undergone major difference and has undergone a sustained period of calm, peace & freedom from the intense political violence of former years.

Belfast remains a center for industry, arts, higher education, business & law.

Arts in BelfastBelfast – Art Exibition
Let’s take some time off to relax & take is easy…

Belfast is at the western end of Belfast Lough and at the mouth of the River Lagan giving it the ideal location for the shipbuilding industry.

When the Titanic was once built in Belfast in 1911-1912, Harland and Wolff had the largest shipyard in the world.

We wanted to get inside the Titanic museum in Belfast but we didn’t have time as we had to journey to our Airbnb later on…

On our way to Belfast

Our journey toward Belfast… Thanks Jenny for taking this amazing picture!
Our Mascot for the trip Our best moments in life

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