When journeying to Thailand, there is a few things that you should keep in mind. Most of people who are going away, forget that they’re not at home anymore and that certain behaviors are inacceptable.

The results can be catastrophic and sometimes, it’s not even your fault but you should always be aware of what’s going on. “Mooning a temple, trash-talking the head of state, and joining a political rally” may be considered as normal back home but your freedom goes as far as the conditions set in your tourist visa.

While the country of Thailand is regarded as sunny and smiley, it’s also a new dicovery with new social understandings that can be misinterprated. Some are obvious and some are not, it can also be difficult to recognize when you’re doing something wrong because, out of politenesse, people will usually say nothing.

By traveling to Thailand, I learned not to feel offended with cultural differences and to always smile…Smiling in Asia and especially in Thailand has another concept than in Europe or America. Most of Thai I met, will smile with you and won’t have any issue to charge you twice or three times the normal price. What can you expect from a country relying on tourism? NOTHING ELSE…

I also learned not to criticize head of states because you can be put in jail. You should also never take drugs as you are likely going to end up in jail. Also when I traveled to Chiang Mai, I realized that going on the street topless is a disrespectful sign of the human body and you shouldn’t do it. You may want to reconsider another location if you want to walk topless on the sidewalk…

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All these little things will help you to understand more about the Thai culture because the Thai culture is after all an Asian culture and we are very different from those cultures.

I am in Pattaya

When you travel with a scooter around Thailand, you should be aware that you will always meet cops on highways…Those cops will be more than happy to arrest you and charge you 1,000 BHT to have not an international driving license. You can rent a scooter with no driving license but be careful not to be caught…If you get caught, you should receive a paper notifying that you are able to drive around for a few days.

You will also realize that many Thai people don’t wear helmet, although it’s very common to see that, I strongly recommend to wear an helmet. I had an accident on my way to a great temple, it was difficult to avoid the obstacle but my helmet saved my life.

You will probably realize after a few days, that many Thai people have scratches or bruises on their arms and legs. Those are the results of many accidents on scooter.

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When you go to a restaurant, it’s very frequent to leave a tip to show your satisfaction of the Thai food. If you are happy, they can even give you great places to go during evenings.

The life in Thailand can be really nice but you always should be careful as one faux-pas can lead you into a terrible situation.

Landscape in Thailand

When you realize the beauty of this environment, you just need to think about one thing…which is how come can we destroy our planet? It’s true, that we have to conserve the greatness of our nature. When you look at this picture, you only see how Thai people live with resource of food and water that are there for them to survive.

Thailand is a vast country and has not a common province. All provinces of Thailand are different to each other and the best of it is that you can always come back and visit more.

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