Alcala – Close to Madrid

The Importance Of Alcala

The importance of Alcala is not related to its vicinity with Madrid.

Alcala has always been for a long time an important settlement…

This location offers to people a great pleasure to live and a good place to create a family.

Back in history, hunters moved from one place to another looking for food and water, and Alcala had both of them.

Cluster in Alcala

The arrival of agriculture really helped boosting the area.

The land was perfect for agriculture because it was flat and fertile, the region soon began to grow rapidly.

I like to thank my friend Juan, who is the best tour guide of Alcala and who shew me a lot of the city and its history.

A Great City & A Great Friend

Old University – Alcala

I had the opportunity to visit a great city & also a great friend.

I visited my friend Fernando, we once met in Galway & spent roughly a year together discovering Ireland and its wonders.

Check also some great experience I had with my friend Fernando in  Ireland:

Fernand and I

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When are you going to visit your friends in their own country? Let me know what you think.

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