When traveling by yourself, you might ask yourself how is it possible to meet new people really fast? Have you experienced loneliness during your trips? Most of the friends and family are in your homeland and it can be hard and frustrating to be in another country especially if it is hard to adapt.

There will be days when you feel like going out after work or simply having a beer with a friend. You just want to…SHARE YOUR DAY.

During this phase it is important to realize why you left your home country & why you wanted to travel so badly. When I look at the picture below of my journey along the Spanish coast I realize straighaway the importance of nurturing a good and happy life.

the beauty of Spain

Traveling to Alicante

An Unforgettable Experience

I always wanted to discover Spain and learn more about the Spanish culture. Now that this experience is over on the time I am writing I want to share you the benefit of “el pais del sol”.

During this journey I embarked on a trip to discover new landscapes with different people. At first it was hard to talk to each other because you don’t talk the same language and you have to make it simple.


I have studied for some months Spanish but my knowledge was by far too limited. By traveling into Spain with new people on the journey I became part of a new family that took me into a great new adventure while I was abroad again.

the coast of Spain, Alicante

Near Alicante

Before I arrived in Spain, I thought that Alicante and the rest of Spain was the same everywhere inside the country.

When I first heard about Spain, I wanted to visit Barcelona and see a great football game.

However it turns out that every single small village that are unknown can be sometimes better off than famous established cities. It was absolutely beautiful and I saw things I have seen only in my dreams…


Enjoying the beach

The experience of walking along the beach from Benidorm to Alicante was great. I had a great time seeing the beauty of Spain and I am forever thankful for it.

I was able to see parts of the world that I never thought I would see and this cost me only a return ticket of less than 100 euro.

The people in Spain really enjoy every moment of life without rushing and moving too quickly. They value living the life in the present as it should be and by traveling to Spain, I simply learn a new way of thinking.

My First Experience of Spain

The Spanish adhere to many traditions, both in their culture and daily routine, and I was cheerful to witness some of the best aspects of the life in Spain.

I learned how to visit the coast of Spain, I got a chance to taste some wines and to see the old-fashioned way to do it. These experience helped me to understand what Spain and its promising people have to offer…

Of course you have to mention the Spanish wine if you don’t want to mislead the Spanish culture. In an underground cave I had the opportunity to sip a traditional red wine. Wine from Cumbre del sol.

The world has to know the quality of wine Spain offers!

7 Ideas For Finding New Friends Wherever You Are

  • Start a conversation with anyone who is traveling to the same direction to you
  • Find out about local habits when moving to a new country, learn the language, listen people carefully & understand what they mean.
  • Subscribe to a local language course (eg; In my case learning some Spanish before flying out to Spain)
  • Find someone interested in tandem language learning classes (find a native speaker or not if you want to learn the language or simply someone who is interested to help out in your journey)
  • Participate in local activities and develop your skills related to your passions & hobbies
  • Check online social groups established in big cities such as meetups to know more about other internationals that reside in the country you live in.
  • Organize a party by inviting the people you know & ask them to invite other people that share the same common traits than you.

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Have you made new friends at your new country? I will be more than happy to add up best practices if you have anything else to share.

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