The Cumbre del Sol has more than 2.5 square meters of the most pristline and coveted seafront property in the entire country.

Imagine for a moment… waking up every day to some of the best and breathtaking views in Spain.

Colorful houses – Cumbre Del Sol

Living On The Coast Of Spain

I decided to catch up with my family & I went for a week to their residence in Spain – Cumbre Del Sol.

We spent some nice days in my cousin luxury resort close to Benitachell.

Golfers, divers, nature-lovers, and sun-seekers will love this destination.

Catching up with my cousins

As I am always on the road for next adventures, something you really miss is your family…

I can’t believe I have been away all this time and seeing my younger cousins growing up so rapidly, make me thing that life is short!!!

View on Cumbre Del Sol

Great View – Cumbre Del Sol
Amazing View – Spanish Coastline

Affordable Lifestyle

I love Spain. Someone described the Spanish as having “perfected the art of hanging out”, and I agree.

I’m not alone in my assessment. My family does too & my cousin wants even to live in Spain for the rest of his life.

I’m just back from a nice week spent in Spain, and I already miss it…

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