Where Is The Secret Castle - ClifdenWhere is the secret castle?

Where Is Clifden?

Clifden or (Clochan in Irish means stepping stones) is located in the County Galway.

The town of Clifden was found around the 19th century by John D’Arcy.

Clifden is also referred as being “the Capital of Connemara” as being the largest town in the region.

It is really simple to travel to Clifden, you can travel by car or bus taking the N59 road from Galway.

Winter In ClifdenWinter in Clifden

If you are coming from Shannon Airport, you can simply hop on the bus, visit first the city of Galway & later go for a day trip to Clifden.

Regular coaches are provided in Ireland and link majors cities or main tourists attractions.

I also like to talk about the Connemara region which is a lovely & famous region known for its beauties and great landscapes.

On The Way To The Secret Castle - ClifdenLet’s find out…

On a foggy Saturday, I decided to hop on a bus and to journey down to Clifden.

I am currently living in Galway which makes my trip to Clifden & Connemara a lot easier as it is literally next door…


On the bus I had a great time with an old local man, he was Irish and explained to me all beauties of the region of Connemara.

He was born in 1941 and traveled everywhere around the world.

23030503_464915013908886_594911407_oClifden during winter

The Secret Castle Of Clifden

Clifden Castle is a ruined manor house in the town of Clifden.

It was also built by John D’Arcy in  1818 and fell into disrepair after 1894.

The Secret Castle Of ClifdenThe secret Castle of Clifden

It was constructed with a great focus in the Gothic style. The castle’s features are rounded towers, a square tower and an entry tower with two round turrets.

On the westside of the castle, an enclosed farmyard has been constructed comprising stable & grain store.

The castle has a lot of history but has not been refurbished and fell apart due to a lack of care & investment.

Its construction stays strong however it needs to be preserved to ensure a legacy of great memories.

Great View Of The Clifden CastleGreat view of Clifden castle

Why Should You Go To Ireland For Your Next Destination?

Choosing the right destination for your next trip is really important for creating that unique memory & experience.

Before you travel, familiarize yourself with your next trip… prepare yourself mentally to travel. It can be exhaustive and tiring to travel but it’s the best experience you will ever had!

Would you like to consider Ireland for your next trip?

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