City Center – Cork


Cork is the second biggest city of Ireland (Dublin is the first one).

Founded by Viking invaders around the 9th century, the city was recognized by Prince John as Lord of Ireland.

Cork was at first a monastic settlement and achieved a remarkable urban character between 900 and 950.

Great monuments – Cork

The climate of Cork is even more mild oceanic and changeable that the rest of Ireland.

I traveled down to Cork just right after Christmas, and it rained the whole day.

What a great experience…

Traditional beer brewed & crafted in Cork

History Of Cork

Since the nineteenth century, Cork became strongly an Irish nationalist city.

Moreover in the war of independence, the center of Cork was ruined and torn into pieces by the British Black & Tans.

Place of interest – Cork

Bridge In CorkBridge in Cork
Christmas Tree – Cork

Why Should You Go To Ireland For Your Next Destination?

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Would you like to consider Ireland for your next trip?

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