Life In GalwayMy friend Fernando & I having a great Spanish wine

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Galway is a lovely celtic city in Ireland & is probably one of the best spot you can land in for some nice weeks of enjoyments.

I arrived in Galway and had great opportunities to meet warm & greatful people.

The first picture is my friend Fernando & I having a nice refreshment before heading to a pub.

If you decide to travel & visit Ireland, don’t miss out on the oppportunity to visit Galway!

Shop Street & Spanish Arch in Galway

Stories About Making Friends

It is good to realize & think what you will do & say when you first meet someone…

It is also important to enjoy people as they are and to be open to whatever comes in your way.

Being open to other people is the best remedy to meet new people & create new relationships that will last forever.

A Great Barbecue In Galway

Nice barbecue with great people – Galway
Enjoying the life music in Galway with my friend Javier

There are loads of moments you will never forget in life when you have the chance to meet new people and make new relationships.

Be optimistic & life will give you what you truly deserve to have…

I met in Galway some lovely people but I also want to thank my two incredible spanish friends that brought me a lot (Fernando & Javier).

I always look forward to meet new people and being confident about it, is something you develop with practice.

Meeting new people can be really interesting & bonding with them forever is even better.

Thank you Fernando & Javier, I will visit you both in Madrid and in Canary Island.


Galway (Gaillimh in Irish) is a celtic city in the West of Ireland in the province of Connacht.

It will also become the European Capital of Culture in 2020.

Eyre SquareEyre Square – Galway
Coach Station - GalwayThe new coach station – Galway
Galway Life - GalwayLifestyle in Galway

It has also a great lifestyle and many events happen in shop street, which is the main street of festivals & arts.

You can have a nice pint with friends & go dancing right next door!

Galway city is a platform of history, which adds to the culture & beauty that has been vanished for centuries.

It is a great place to live & write poetry; a place to party and go dancing; a place to live well.

Music Festival - GalwayMusic festival in Galway

Gallery Of My Best Moments In Galway

Unexpected SituationMedhi is sleeping nicely
Great Team - GalwayA great team in Galway
My Beloved Spanish FriendsMy beloved spanish friends
Great pictures!!!

Why Should You Go To Ireland For Your Next Destination?

Choosing the right destination for your next trip is really important for creating that unique memory & experience.

Before you travel, familiarize yourself with your next trip… prepare yourself mentally to travel. It can be exhaustive and tiring to travel but it’s the best experience you will ever had!

Would you like to consider Ireland for your next trip?

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