Welcome To BerlinWelcome to Berlin

Welcome To Berlin

Come and discover with us the capital and largest city in Germany.

Berlin has among its history, culture, diversity of population multiple monuments that have been important landmarks for important events that happened in the past.

The German capital has also a number of historical monuments, which were able to survive during the Third Reich and WWII.

My First Visit – Berlin

Berlin is likely going to be identify as a world city of creative & cultural industries.

It has an important role to play in the past and is now an important part of Germany.

The culture in Berlin is simply fantastic with more than 2000 national and international museums, galleries & arts.

It is estimated that 6,000 artists live right in the city. 


The German Architecture

Berlin’s architecture is among one of the richest in the whole world. It combines almost every periods and all styles.

The Brandenburger Gate – Berlin

The Brandenburg Gate is without any doubt one of the greatest monuments in Berlin.

Constructed around 1789, it represents the past & present history of the city and has a symbol of reunification after the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989.

This gate has on its top the famous chariot of the goddess Victoria drawn by four horses.

On The Way To Berlin - Berlin WallThe Berlin Wall

The fall of the Berlin Wall was in 1989, and ended a divided city.

The Berlin Wall separated East Germany & West Germany, and today it represents the reunification of a strong Germany.

IMG-20160325-WA0004My Host Brother Marc & I – Berlin

Berlin’s Best Döner Kebabs

If you decide to jump for a trip to Berlin, you should definitely try a Döner Kebab.

Döner Kebab is the greatest fast food of Berlin and a must try for every visitor.

Today, the best fast food of Berlin has a better trend than burgers.

The Döner was developed in the 60s and it became worldwide famous.

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