The Cologne Carnival or “Kölner Karneval” is a great carnival that takes place for a few weeks every year in Cologne, Germany.

The Carnival of Cologne with its parades, balls and stage shows has a lot to offer to foreigners willing to discover the German culture. The official carnival is run by the “Festkomitee Kölner Karneval” or Cologne Carnival Celebration Committee.

You will find a lot of parades in the city districts, and a colorful parade on carnival Sunday.  So far the Cologne carnival is one the largest carnival I ever visited.

Experience The Amazing Carnival of Cologne

As I was traveling with my Erasmus friends from Osnabrueck to Cologne, we spent a great time at the carnival of Cologne.

The beautiful city of Cologne has to tell something about the amazing best days of the year in the dome city.

Every year between February and March, it is time to celebrate the carnival and during this period the city turns into madness.

Today in Cologne the carnival season starts…

That day is celebrated really well among big fan of the city and Germans.

People start by having an early morning preparing themselves for the celebration.

So if you want to celebrate the carnival of Cologne, be ready because it’s big!

Where Is Cologne?

The city of Cologne or Köln is the largest city in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth most inhabited city in Germany.

It is located within the Rhine-Rhur which is Germany’s largest metropolitan areas.

Cologne is very close to Belgium & the Netherlands. So if you want to visit these countries it’s not far away!

Cologne is a major cultural centre for the state; it hosts more than 20 museums and hundreds of arts & exibitions.

If you like art, contemporary graphics and admire sculpture, Cologne has some of the best trade shows such as Imm Cologne, or Photokina.

A Great Experience

Mélanie & IMélanie & I
The Dom Of CologneThe beauty of Cologne
Mélanie With Great InspirationsMélanie is happy…

Make memories become a priority.

Today, memories is a must in all my travel experience and it has to provide an exceptional personal experience. I truly understand what a positive experience entails, and find it even better to do it.

I like my trips experience, it’s a complete journey that returns to where it actually started.

Some travelpreneurs make the mistake of focusing on small details, you’ve got to consider the big picture.

I had an incredible experience with my friends while experiencing the carnival of Cologne and its cultural events.

Create A Solid Experience For Your Trips

Friends in MacdonaldFriends and I waiting for our bus
Sleeping because I am tiredWe were extremely tired
Friends in Cologne, GermanyEnjoying the nightlife of Cologne
On Our Way To CologneLet’s go to Cologne
Crazy Friends in CologneCrazy friends in Cologne

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