Bonn - GermanyBonn – Germany

Where Is Bonn?

Bonn is a city part of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with a population of over 200,000.

Did you know that Bonn used to be the capital of West Germany until 1991? 

Founded in the 1st century BC as a Roman settlement, Bonn is nowadays one of the oldest cities in Germany.

My lovely Australian host family in Germany

A Day Trip To Bonn

We spent our lovely day into one of the oldest German cities – Bonn.

We love to travel as we used to do it a lot with my host brothers.

My two hosts brothers are from Germany. The oldest one is Marc & the youngest one is Tim.

We used to hang out a lot together as we mostly lived together for a while.

The castle of Bonn – Germany

We had an extreme great time traveling to Bonn & taking some pictures on the way.

The weather was not so great but we met lovely people that warmed our hearts with great stories about Bonn & the castle of Bonn.

View Of Bonn

The view of Bonn is fascinating. The city has a lot to offer to people willing to travel to Bonn.

You have the opportunity to enjoy great cafés, restaurants, and shops.

The Greatness Of Bonn

I’m absolutely happy at the fact that we spent a day in this old city.

I spent this time just before New Year Eve. It blows my mind how fast time can go as we enjoy life.

I spent a lot of time with my host family and I really love them from the bottom of my heart.

We met in Australia a few years ago and while traveling and improving our English, we met fascinating people & creatures.

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Yellow Castle In Bonn - GermanyThe yellow castle of Bonn – Germany

How Important Is My Host Family To Me?

One of the ways I can really appreciate having a host family is the fact on how supportive they have been to me.

My host parents really helped out by listening & trying to understand my point of view.

They are always open to discuss things with me and give great ideas.

Thank you!!!

Having Dinner With My Host Family - GermanyHaving Dinner with my host family in Germany
Sharing A Drink With My Host Brothers - GermanySharing a drink with my host brothers in Germany

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What is your next trip? Have you ever been to Bonn? Leave a meaningful comment.  

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