The Puy du Fou is a great theme park for those who love history. Puy du Fou is based in Les Epesses (between Cholet and La Roche-sur-Yon) in the heart of the Vendée region of Western France.

Puy Du Fou Puy du Fou – Vendée, France

History of Puy du Fou

The history of Puy du Fou started 41 years ago, in 1977 when Philippe de Villiers decided to create an original show named “Cinéscénie”.

Unfortunately, I cannot show you pictures of the “Cinescénie” as pictures were forbidden…Philippe de Villiers really strives to organize an association of more than 500 members in 1977 named “l’Association du Puy du Fou”. Today members are around 3600 and the association keeps growing. Most importantly members are volunteers who dedicate their entire summer for the Puy du Fou. On one hand, they don’t get paid but on the other hand, they can visit the Puy du Fou for free.

IV Century HouseIV Century House in Vendée

The Grand park of the Puy du Fou was opened only 40 years ago and became of the most popular theme parks in France. Volunteers are really happy to have the Puy du Fou in their region as it shows to many foreigners how people used to live in each time.

Weapons in Puy du Fou

Weapons - Puy du Fou

Weapons in Puy du Fou


The park is split in different shows, each running for approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

The Secret of the LanceThe Secret of the Lance

This theme is set in front of the battlements during the Middle age. It relates the story of a young sheperdess who must defend her castle’s tower against English knights, helped with an incredible and magical lance.

Vikings - Puy du Fou

Vikings – Puy du Fou

The reenactment is based on the story of a marriage in the village. Furthermore the first arrival of a Viking longboat is going to happen during the wedding.

Nice video of the Secret of the Lance – Puy du Fou.
My Brother and I at the Puy du FouMy brother and I at the Puy du Fou

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