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Lille (Rijsel in Flemish)

Train Station

“Lille (Rijsel in Flemish) may be France’s most underrated major city. In recent decades this once-grimy industrial metropolis, its economy based on declining industries, has transformed itself into a glittering and self-confident cultural and commercial hub. Highlights for the visitor include an attractive old town with a strong Flemish accent, three renowned art museums, stylish shopping, some excellent dining options and a cutting-edge, student-driven nightlife scene. The Lillois have a well-deserved reputation for friendliness – and they’re so proud of being friendly that they often mention it!” – Lonely Planet – North of France – Lille

Citadelle Vauban

Place Vauban

In 2009, Lille had a population of 226, 827 and an urban population of more than a million…

It’s the fifth biggest city of France after Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse.

Popular Story

For centuries, Lille was recognized as a merchant city and has seen many people with various incomes : a great wealth disparity between wealthy and poverty have lived side by side.

Victor Hugo even described in his poem of Les Châtiments the harsh conditions that reigned among the city.

Place Rihour

Place Rihour

If you lose your friends during a party in Lille, you will probably find them around “Place Rihour”.

Home of Ch. de Gaulle

Home of Charles de Gaulle

Charles André Joseph Pierre Marie de Gaulle was born in November 1890, in Lille.

He was a French general and statesman and led the provisional government of the French Republic (1940-1946).

He even founded the Fifth Republic and was elected as the President of France.


Easy To Get To Lille

Easy to get

Lille is only :

  • 40 Minutes away of Brussels
  • 60 Minutes away of Paris
  • 80 Minutes away of London
  • 195 Minutes away of Cologne
  • 225 Minutes away of Amsterdam


The charm of this city is undeniable, despite being the largest city in northern France, it doesn’t behave like a grand French city.

“No icy hauteur and spike-heeled arrogance” – Helen Pickles.

The agreeableness of the Lillois feel no need to impress and kept it’s old Flemish heritage.

The city only became French when Louis XIV captured it in 1667.

Traditional Beer & Dish during summer!


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