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Tourcoing – France

Tourcoing is a city in the northern part of France. It is very close to the Belgian border and it is located on the northeast of Lille…

Church of Saint-Christophe

Church of Saint Christophe – Tourcoing

Together with Roubaix & Lille, Tourcoing became a major center for wool textiles…

Three cities are hosting more than half million of inhabitants, with their suburbs forming the conurbation of Lille. Lille being the capital of the départment du Nord (North department).

Tourcoing Town Hall

Tourcoing – Town Hall

Coat of Arms




History of Tourcoing

Place de la victoire

Place de la Victoire – Tourcoing

During the Battle of Tourcoing in 1794, the French army directed by Joseph Souham defended the attack against the Austrian Army commanded by Prince Josias of Saxe-Coburg-Saafeld.

The war of Coalition was fought near the town of Tourcoing, just north of Lille in northeastern France.

The army of the North had 28,000 soldiers ready to die for the republic of France against Saxe-Coburg’s army of three Austrian columns commanded by the Duke of Teschen & Archduke Charles (41,000 soldiers).

Results : The French suffered 3,000 casualties and lost 7 cannon but the victory was made.

My Experience In the North Of France

My friends in the North of France

Enjoying the life in The North of France

Do you think it’s always raining in the north of France?

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