Graz is probably one the most amazing city in Austria and has a population of 320 000. The city of Graz is really underrated, although it is the second-largest city in Austria after Vienna.

Graz has a lot of universities that bring international students, its historic center has a lot of culture.

In 1999, Graz was even added to the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and became the European Capital Culture in 2003.

Welcome To Graz
Welcome to Graz

The Adventure begins

Graz is situated on the Mur river in southeast Austria, it’s about 200 km southwest of Vienna. When we arrived to Graz, we didn’t meet so many foreigners but many locals. It was a really great experience as we tasted local traditions & food…

The name of city, Graz comes from the slavic gradec which means “small castle”.

Pamela, Mimi & IPamela, Mimi & I

When we used to travel together, the funny thing was to check at people’s faces. We knew that we couldn’t come from the same country as we were international travellers coming from different countries and living a nice & peaceful experience in Vienna. Mimi, my Chinese friend is from Hong Kong and came to study Musics at the lovely conservatorium of Vienna. Pamela came for a year as an Au-pair to improve her German. We all met in the same class while attending the intermediary class of German. It was really great as you meet friends along!

Save The Trees

We decided to jump on a train and to travel down to Graz. We really wanted to spend at least a nice weekend in this amazing city.

Checking some amazing places in Graz

The city center of Graz is the perfect place for coffee drinkers! 

It offers a lot of nice cafés & restaurants for a reasonable price. Graz also keeps its Austrian culture with lots of musics and operas around.

Graz is a great place to be if you are not interested by big cities.

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Graz is dominated by the Schlossberg, a complete area covered of forests and mountains, which rises over the medieval town center. At the top of the Schlossberg, a bell tower that was once the emblem of the city before being demolished.

Café in GrazCafé in Graz
Mimi & IMimi & I enjoying the park in Graz – Austria
Pamela & I Pamela & I – Schlossberg, Austria

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