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I always used to say more is less and less is more.

After our wonderful experience in the Blue Mountains, I realized the importance of having the right gear for the right moment !

When I started packing, I usually took unnecessary stuff. After traveling for a while I’ve improved a lot my packing skills, and almost everything I needed, fits on my backpack.

My First Travel Kit

As you can see on the picture above I first started with almost nothing. This time was both exciting and difficult as I realized later, the importance of travel gears.

With Crazy Janette, I had the chance of getting great stuff and later on I own some of them presented below. The listed elements are important to have if you want to have a safe and enjoyable journey.

  • Hiking shoes
  • Weatherpro of Jacket
  • Headlamp
  • 22 L Day Pack
  • Swiss Knife
  • Sunglasses
  • Sleeping Bag

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I also realized the importance of being prepared during my journey. Crazy Janette offered me some nice tools, I could use to make fire such as the Swiss Knife. With it I cut branches off and made fire with. It took me 45 minutes to set the fire but it worked out perfectly fine at the end.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABlue Mountains Region, Close to Janette’s house

I now understand her positivity and optimism for life!

As you’d imagine, the itinerary takes in all the most beautiful spots on this mesmerizing, wonderful nature, the Blue Mountains is a playground of pleasure and entertainment. As the title suggest, it’s also designed to open your mind on travelling and show you how easy it can be.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great’ – Zig Ziglar

I was unprepared for the next destination but as I previously learned, you always meet the right people and at the right time. I’m basically free to move at my own pace, and take some excursions whenever I see something fun along the way.

Janette’s house

Visiting the Aboriginal Campsites

I was visiting the Aboriginal campsites to learn more about the Native Australians & European Australians conflict from the people who live here.

Let me begin by stating I’m not an expert on this subject.

The only thing I am going to intend, is to simply share with you my external perspective and vision of the current situation.

For me, traveling to Australia without witnessing what is going on with aboriginal is not an option. This is a reason why I wanted to travel to Australia as one of my first travel experience.

Native Australia
Native Australians
Campfall Aboriginal Art of the KimberleysCampfall Aboriginal Art of the Kimberleys

Having the right gear were important for me. The listed elements are important to have if you want to have a safe and enjoyable journey.

  • Zeiss 16-35 F4
  • Sony 70-200 F4
  • Sony A7R II Camera
  • Sennheiser MKE 400
  • Sirui Carbon Tripod
  • Sony 43M Flash
  • GoPro
  • RRS Compact
  • Camera Bag

Thank you for this epic adventure crazy Janette !

Aboriginal Art

History of Indigenous Australians

The history of Aboriginal Australians started between 30,000 to 45,000 years ago, before European settlement. The Indigenous Australians or Native Australians lived with a strong dependence on the land.

Before the British arrival, it is estimated that between 315,000 and 750,000 people lived in Australia. The greatest population density was to be found in the southern and eastern regions of the continent.

However, Aboriginal Australians maintained successful communities throughout Australia, from the cold and wet highlands of Tasmania to the more arid parts of the continental interior. Technologies, diets and hunting practices varied according to the local environment.

Save The Trees

British Settlement

In 1770, Lieutenant James Cook settled on the east coast of Australia in the name of the United Kingdom and named it New South Wales.

Real British colonisation of Australia began in Sydney in 1788. The lifestyle of Aboriginal became worse than ever due to British colonisation.

The native Australians suffered a lot and the most immediate consequence of British settlement happened within weeks of the first arrival.

It is important to know that disease was the principal cause of population decline!

The second consequence of British settlement was appropriation of land and water resources.

It is crazy but an estimation of 90% of the Aboriginal population had reduced between 1788 and 1900; loss of land, direct violence, and the combination of disease were the main reasons.

Aboriginal TourExample of Aboriginal Tour – I was not part of this one!

The Aboriginal Tour can create a good atmosphere and allow yourself to discover more on the aborignal culture. This amazing and remarkable experience gave me the opportunity to know more about myself, my intentions for life, and purpose.

During travelling through Australia, I recommend you to check the weather forecast as it can be very hot sometimes!

You can find a list of necessary electronic devises that can help you out travelling through Australia. These electronic devises helped me especially while travelling through the Australian’s desert “the Outback” & Blue Mountains Regions.

Thanks to them I can have my pictures forever!!!

  • Unlocked iPhone 6
  • 13″ Macbook Pro
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Wifi Antenna
  • Lifeproof Case
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Power Strip
  • 4TB Hard Drive (2)
  • Magic Mouse

I would also like to thank greatly crazy Janette for all great time shared!!!

A Learning Experience

Unfortunately most of us get our information from the evening news. Keep always an open eye to everything that surround you and be aware of the beauty of this planet.

Visiting an Aboriginal campsite gave me new insight and empathy for those involved on both sides. The situation is definitely not as black & white as it may appear from the outside. The native Australian used to be on this land first and European settlers came to take advantage of this land.

The conflict in Australia between Aboriginal Australians & European Australians can be summed up with a popular phrase here — ”it’s tough”.

Next Adventure : Sydney Opera House


Thank you for always writing decent comments, even if you can disagree with what happened between Indigenous Australians and European settlers.

Would you ever visit an Aboriginal Campsite?


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