Blue Mountains

First, let me tell you a little bit about the Blue Mountains. The most amazing site will probably be the three sisters in this region.

The Blue Mountains is a mountainous region and is located in New South Wales, Australia. The region borders on Sydney’s area and the Blue Mountains Region is bounded by the Nepean and Hawkesbury rivers in the east, the Coxs River and Lake Burragorang to the west and south, and the Wolgan and Colo rivers to the north.


As you can see above, a wonderful picture taken during a great weather, the three sisters are an amazing lookout and gives a lot to people coming enjoying this view. The Blue Mountains is as socalled the Blue Mountains because its color while it is very shiny and sunny. The blue skylight gives the impression to see blue mountains on a distant sight.

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People Want New Meanings

We arrived in Blue Mountains Region and decided to hike with our coordinator Janette who decided to take us for a journey of 2 days, hiking through the Blue Mountains.

We were about to climb a 6 hours with  35 kg backpacks filled with water as my backpack got a hole in it.  This was not a normal activity as we walked further we realised most visitors didn’t come that far. We had a good time walking up to the top of mountains and seeing amazing views and lookouts.

Most visitors to the area just hike up neighboring Katoomba and walk down to Faulconbridge. Only CRAZY people would attempt to camp on the top of the mountain itself…


With a little help of Janette we discovered the power of Couchsurfing , I also gathered drinks and foods, and some people to join me. No trekking company wanted to bring us so far but Janette did. She used to hike for ages in the Blue Mountains and she still says that part of the Blue Mountains haven’t been discovered yet.

Even with her years of experience and helped from the local Blue Mountains community, it took us two entire hiking days to hike up and come back.

Save The Trees

It was an especially tough and challenging hike.

Thank you: Crazy Janette. It was one the best experience since I arrived in Australia.

PB270078.JPGexotic environment

Not A Simple Stroll In The Backyard

In order to execute well our mission, we had to sometimes go cross some dangerous area, climbed 2-3 meters high rocks, and had to carry lot of weight with us.

After preparing our stuffs for the journey, the team set out and up Katoomba for the first 5 hours of the trek. About Halfway up Katoomba, we stopped for a break at Blackheath.

Be with the right peopleNow it was time for us to go through thick branches, short and narrow path but when we walked up there the view was absolutely astonishing!

About another 3 hours into the trip, we were all tired, filled with thirst and hunger, we stopped overnight to relax and enjoy the trip.

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Was It Worth The Trip?

After a tough hike, mentally & physically exhausting day of difficult & technical climbing, we had the view we deserved to see:

main.jpgCrazy Janette


The wind of the Blue Mountains starts whistling like crazy. The Blue Mountains is unleashing its true potential and power. Wind speed gets between 70 to 85km/h, and rocks can sometimes tumble over one side.

Enjoying the view was insane! We stayed there admiring the view maybe for 20 minutes.

We said thanks to Mother Nature’s show of beauty. When the sun came down we could hear bats squeaking around in the air above us, fantastic!!!

As the group sat around the fire drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, the music started on with someone in our group playing harmonica.

When we woke up outside, we simply saw the view of Katoomba, and I want it to share it with you.


Expect The Unexpected

Early morning fog and clouds surrounded us, so we couldn’t see our way down.

Crazy Janette told us if it is foggy and cloudy, it will be better for us to stay cover and wait that everything comes back to normal. Luckily we didn’t have to experience this emergency during our trip…

Finally it was time to pack everything up and start our 9 hour journey back home. And get a really nice shower.

Why did we do what we did?

The adventure wasn’t over! During our journey back home at 11am we went over rocks and climbed down everything we did. It was tiring as our muscles ached immensely. On the way back, we made it to the little valley of  Penrith.

The map is taken from Internet but it will allow you to better understand our trip through the Blue Mountains Region.


Next Adventure : Discovery Of Aboriginal Campsites

What was the coolest hike you’ve ever been on? Tell me a message in the comments below!

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