A lot of my readers or followers are asking how we can make a perfect plan for our dream vacation & travel and I guess that we can be lucky to check our expenses  but I want to give you some simple tips to check on savings before starting the journey.

If traveling is your priority which is for me the case, you will find a lot of ways to travel easily and you will become familiar more and more with tips I will list down here. In order to reach your vacation or travel destination you have to make sacrifices.

Let me tell you first that it is not easy but with time you will get use to it and not everyone is willing to bet on it. We can live great & simple life and have the pleasure to travel as well. If traveling is definitely your obsession, don’t focus your life on buying unnecessary stuff, new clothes, and eating out often…. THE LAST ONE IS HARD FOR ME !

How To Save For Your Next Travel

It is not easy to set up a travel plan

Don’t Be Stuck With Stuff

If you find yourself owning and spending your money on unnecessary stuff that don’t bring you anything but owning stuff, you should reconsider to make a shift in your life. If you are wondering how others can afford to save for travel and you are stuck to pay your bills paycheck to paycheck, you have to think twice on your spending habits.

Learning and being financially educated can help out a lot in life and travel is part of it!

Everyone wants to live a great life, have great relationships and want to perform at their best, but how many people are willing to put the work for it?

I do remember when I first built up this site I had to work full time as a Sales Executive and I was ready to work after work on creating contents, making pictures nicer, advertising good products that will help my readers, educate myself & others on the benefit of travel,etc… it took hours and hours of work but if you are dedicated to your dreams; everything comes true.

Moreover don’t listen people who complain or whine all day long, they will drag you down as it is part of their unconscious plan. Break the rules and go outside of your comfort zone.


Always consider that something better is coming and stick to your plan the best way you can.

Tips For Your Next Dream Vacation & Travel Destination

Plan your budget

Create a plan or a system to make your next dream vacation or travel destination becoming a reality. Start creating a file of your daily payments. Do this for about two weeks. It will be enough for you to cross out which things are unnecessary for you to spend on. For some people the result can be quiet alarming and from this point you will probably decide to make a shift in your life.

Selling stuff

I am not an expert on how to buy stuff as I have never ever been into buying stuff. I like to think that stuff I own will improve my life on the long-term and not on the short-term. My friend Mona who had planned a trip to New Zealand. She had decided to go through her closet and boxes to sell out items she doesn’t need anymore. Selling unnecessary things can help to increase your savings.

Write a list of important things you need and stick to it

Start improving your life by eating healthy, be aware of what your body needs and wants you to do. Act on the importance of being healthy as you grow your understanding of healthy habits. Don’t eat or limit junk foods! Be happy and give your body what it deserves…

Limit outdoor activities

Don’t over do it! However you can find pleasure in simple things such as inviting friends over for dinner instead of hanging out to a pub and spend 25 euro on Guiness & Whiskey. Look at other things to entertain your life, things that makes your body & you happy.

Pretty obvious : stop buying stuff

If you want to stop the process of buying stuff you have to find in yourself a reason why you need the stuff? Are you looking for happiness or recognition? Whatever makes you happy I understand… Now try to think about your dream destination and believe that you can decide between the stuff you want to buy now and the new country you will experience next week. Most likely you will think about the best interest.

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What do you think about this inspiring article? What is your best strategy to save money for your next travel destination?

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