Becoming a professional travelpreneur or travel blogger has been a long way to become true. 

I’ve found a great way to get paid for my favorite hobby, and do things while traveling the world.

I truly believe that we don’t choose our dreams but our dreams choose us!

Sometimes I can’t believe that my life turned out to become a complete fairy tale. Six months ago I went to a trip to Spain and traveled a lot with friends, three months ago I was in France discovering new cities in my homeland, and now I am living in Ireland and I pursue the only thing that makes my dreams become a reality.


People ask me all the time how they can do to do what I do.

The simply answer I give them is that becoming your own boss as a travel blogger is pretty much as becoming your own boss in any field, it requires a lot of work & dedication, as well as a tremendeous investment of time and effort before you see any return on investments.

The Truth vs The Dream

Almost everyone thinks they can do a travel blog, which is true… having a blog is a long process and recquires time & effort.

The reality of being a professional travel blogger is that you will likely work more than if you had a regular job!

If you dream of becoming a travel blogger, forget about having a ten-hour workweek, this is not a career you want to start off.

It might seem simple to write posts, present them, and install affiliate links but that’s just a small part of it.

The rest is spent responding to potential advertisers, editing contents & pictures & videos, pitching travel and tourism contacts. IT IS A LOT OF WORK!

To start : When you’re a travel blogger, the work is never over. There is always something else you could be doing and 24 hours in a day seems not enough to keep a proper travel blog.

Confidence & Happiness

Click on the link : The Power Of Motivation and you will understand more on the power of motivation, how you can keep yourself up whatever happens to you and how you can reach out more in life.

Your Travel Blog Is Your Time

You will not succeed at travel blogging unless you produce great contents. 

Your contents need to be meaningful, have great directions to those who are willing to read & can give a result that will determine the future quality of your contents.

This means that you will need to work at least a few hours each day. Working this much means that you will sometimes feel miserable unless you love it. I do remember when I was working 40 hours at a regular job and every night I was working on my travel blog to ensure great contents, engaging meaningful discussions & improving my social networks.

I will also recommend you to be as genuine as possible, and to respect your readers’comments. They are the true spirit & soul of your travel blog and what it stands for.

I don’t love everything I do as a blogger, and I’m not always passionate of working on my travel blog but I always try to keep the big picture of my intentions! I love the work, I love my readers & people I traveled with.

Travel blogging is part of my soul and that’s pushing me to do great things.

Doing A Travel Blog Is A Challenge

Running a business entirely by yourself is hard. Everything, from the business to the creative aspects have to be managed properly. Regardless of your competences, you’re managing everything and it’s a pile of never-ending work.

This is probably the double-edged sword of being self-employed, it’s wonderful not to have a boss around and to be able to work for your own interests – but you have to push yourself to do the work.

My recommendation : Keep your current job for a year – at least.

While you don’t have to care about expenses, you can work on your travel blog, create great contents, explore new skills (wordpress, facebook, instagram, twitter), learn more about travel blogging, intend seminars and conferences…

Take the first year as educational as possible. 

I decided to take the first year as a new degree if you can call it like that – “Travel Blogging Degree”.

Listen Your Readers

Your readers are the single asset you have. Travel companies and tourism board work with bloggers because they have devoted audience to trust them.

The moment you don’t respect your audience, you are destroying your most precious asset.

We had an amazing time traveling from Galway to Dingle. I had a great interest of the Irish culture and like the way people live on the little island. It seems that everyone knows how to respect each other, be polite & friendly, and that the nature is considered as the most important thing on this tiny country… Irish people are really friendly. Normally they always invite people for a coffee or drink when they first arrive in Ireland. Friends will also hug or just say hi “how’s things?” Sometimes they will use cheeks as they know each other well.

You are nothing without your readers.

Being a travel blogger is not for everyone. Before you take this step, you need to think about it seriously.

You Won’t Make Money For A Long Time

The general rule is that the first year is purely educational.

Don’t expect any revenue the first year and you will become very successful in the future of travel blogging. Most advertisers, whether they will be travel companies or agencies won’t work with a site less than one year old.

The rule is simple : Prove them you can be a good investment.

Planning a trip? When planning for a trip there’s always a lot to think about. Which country do we want to visit? What will we do once we get there? It is always good not to overanalyse and overthink about your next destination however it’s still a great idea to do a bit of research about your dream destination.

If you realize at this stage that travel blogging is not what you want to but you still want to travel & make an income, visit my two following articles:

If you realize & think you can become a travel blogger, here’s How To Create a Travel Blog.

Are you thinking of becoming a travel blogger? What is your best strategy to develop your travel blog? Leave a meaningful comment.  

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