If you love traveling, chances are you likely going to spend your savings on a trip than acquiring material possessions.

How do you travel on a limited budget? How can you get paid to travel around the world?

Many of you would jump on the opportunity to experience new countries, meet new people, eat new food, and explore new unknown landscapes.

If traveling is your priority, you will find a lot of ways to travel easily and you will become more familiar with tips I will list down here.

I’ve compiled below a list of 11 great jobs for people who love to live abroad.

11 great job to travel abroad

Do you want to live abroad now?

Au pair

Do you like working with children and are you willing to know another culture?

If so, becoming an au pair is the solution for you. Au pairs live with a host family in a foreign country for a year or a bit longer.

You’ll probably receive a small salary on top of your part-time job as a nanny, but you also get to immerse yourself in another culture. To learn more about becoming an au pair, go to AupairWorld.

How To Travel The World

Enjoying the life as an au pair in Graz

Business Development Manager

Companies hire employeers that have great skills in languages.

I used to work as a Sales Executive in the Netherlands while doing my studies in Germany, and had great opportunities to travel around the world. I spent 7 months for a company working in the Netherlands.

Maintaining a positive relationship with clients requires great communication & listening skills, making it a perfect job for people who love to interact with people.

Amsterdam is a great place to cycle as the rest of the Netherlands is. Amsterdam is in the western part of the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland.

Cycling in the Netherlands



Cruise Line Worker

If working on a cruise ship is your dream, you can make a living traveling the world, while receiving free food and accommodations.

If you are looking for oppportunities to work on a cruise, visit the Cruise Line and you will benefit of some of the best rated cruise lines.

A Long Journey - Spain

Diving Instructor

Traveling and discover ocean’s surface is your passion?

Then, you should probably live it by traveling and teaching diving. Scuba diving is a great experience and instructors get the opportunity to see parts of the world that most never would.

Check my experience when I first Discover The Amazing Great Barrier Reef, which offers a good understanding of diving in the Great Barrier Reef.

Scuba Diving

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

ESL teacher

ESL (English as a second language) teachers are in high demand to teach english to foreign students. Chances are that you will be able to travel while helping students understand your native language.

Study & Work Abroad

Become an assistant teacher

Requirement : You’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree.

Sales Executive

It may not be the most interesting job on the planet but you will have the opportunity to travel the world.

People in this position travel regurlarly for important client meetings, you’ll have plenty of business meetings to see new places while you work.

You also may need to build up your résumé and be more visible online.

Check also Linkedin, Monster, Indeed

While I was working as a part-time job for a Dutch company, I also enrolled and studied at the university of applied sciences of Osnabrueck in Germany. Germany is based in the region of Low Saxony and has a lot to offer… Anyway, in a moment of nostalgia, I wanted to share a few photos from my time studying as an international student for the university of applied sciences of Osnabueck while working for this Dutch company. Enjoy!

Interested to work as a Sales Executive in a foreign country?

Visit my page: Business In The Netherlands & Student In Germany.

Flight Attendant

It may be one of the easiest travel job to recognize, but it’s also one of the most accessible.

To become a flight attendant you don’t need a specialized bachelor’s degree, and most major airlines require customer service experience.

Flights attendants represent one of the largest opportunities to travel around the world.

Being flexible creates more opportunities! Fly to where the deals are and create opportunities. Some websites make it easy to find the best deal (Google & Kayak). Those websites are presented with a price map for different destinations based on your departure airport. Flying to a location can be a lot of fun, and flying to a random location can be even better. You may end up discovering new things and places you hadn’t planned on visiting.

Airlines around the world currently employ more than 1,000,000 flight attendants and hire 90,000 more each year.

Training to become a flight attendant can be exhaustive but also rewarding.

Affiliate Marketer

Whenever I share my travel story, travel gear, books, I include special affiliate tracking links to generate a commission on products.

To see my affiliate links, click on My Travel Gear Guide

A Great City

If you really want to get involved with serious affiliate links program then there is a number of things that you need to take into consideration.


You also need to gather affiliate program links, examples include Amazon.com, Airbnb.com, Booking.com, Stablehost, and many more.

Travel Blogger

Creating your own network, building your site, building up on social-media is part of a daily job for a professional travel blogger.

It is a tough job but if you like traveling and blogging it is worth it!

Traveling to Ireland

Keep in mind that most travel bloggers spend a year building their sites before seeing any return on investment from their sites! 

International Tour Guide

Imagine yourself spending your days guiding travelers through a marvelous and bustling European city. What about Rome? Paris? or Milan?

Wherever you want to go, popular travel destinations help in research of valuable information to become an international tour guide.

Moreover travel destinations always look for friendly, knowledgeable guides to lead tourists.

Visiting the Aboriginal Campsites
Traveling to Australia and discovering the native Australians

Interested to travel to Australia? Visit The Experience Of A Life Time.

Travel Agent

Travel agents often visit popular destinations to get a better understanding of the resorts and restaurants they recommend.

Whether your clients are business or leisure travelers, they’ll be happy of your insight of the new travel destination.

I also realized the importance of being prepared during my journey. Crazy Janette offered me some nice tools, I could use to make fire such as the Swiss Knife. With it I cut branches off and made fire with. It took me 45 minutes to set the fire but it worked out perfectly fine at the end.

Blue Mountains, Australia

Come & see : Jannette – A Terrific Travel Agent.

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Are you willing to travel the world and have fun doing it? Find out some tips I discovered through my experience.

What is the best job for you to travel? How do you think we can travel more on a daily basis? Do you think traveling on a business meeting is the same as a leisure travel? 

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