It’s really hard to decide or to make a choice on what to expect in life. A leading measure in society defines the expectation of life as the well-being of oneself. I strongly believe the correlation with how many people live well around us, shape our expectation of life.

Well-being is surely correlated and focused on three areas: money, relationships and self-esteem. If you expect that life will be given to you right away without putting any effort, then, you’re wrong. A healthy percentage of people think that thriving at any goals will make their life worth living.

However, very few societies can boast our capacity to improve ourselves and reaching this level seems impossible. If you look precisely at your life, where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Do you have values? What are your expectations? I think the answer is also related to three areas mentioned earlier. People are looking to have happy relationship, financial freedom and abundance of happiness & wealth. Wealth is not always related to money but being healthy and enjoying what you are doing with your soul & heart. So many people fail at loving their life that they are screwing up their life at the end. Where do you stand now?


From a different angle, it’s always nice to enjoy the freedom of being yourself. I think being happy with yourself give you the best satisfaction in life. All causes of frustration are the feeling of being stuck to one thing.

Studies have shown that earning more money doesn’t lead to greater happiness. In fact, you need money to live well but it’s how you shape your life that will determine your happiness. Everyone needs to awaken their full potential to realize that true happiness doesn’t lie in possession but in having a decent life of joy, love and great relationships.

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How To Bring Peace To Your Life

Bringing peace to your life is the challenge that we are all facing. It’s important to know where you stand and what you expect of life.

  • Finding out who you really are: you need to shape yourself and know what should be your number 1 priority…YOU;
  • Expanding your awareness every day: Learn to expand your mind on new things and learn daily. Being aware of things will bring your great awareness & consciousness, and will enrich your life to the fullest;
  • Living according to a higher vision: you need to raise your standard. Define what makes you and work your ass-off to make it. If you have to fake it, to make it…so be it. If you want to live big, you have to make it big;
  • Being a model for others: share your thoughts to your friends, family and acquaintances. Life has to be well live and sharing is at its peak. When you share your emotions, feelings, experience to your people; you will receive immense contributions by seeing those who listen carefully making better choice than you did in the past;
  • Setting a difficult, meaningful goal and achieving it: It’s better to set your goal too high than too low because you will never know how far you can go.
  • Becoming a master at an art or craft: My craft was my languages, I always loved learning languages and traveling. I decided to create a business around it so I am doing it…;
  • Acting as a mentor to the young and/or disadvantaged: knowledge is power but execution is better, you need to share your experience to your people. It’s important to teach your life lessons so the youngsters have someone to look upon and can have great understandings of life.

It may be very simple to say that raising your standards leads to happiness but the truth is simple. Live your life to the fullest and always be honest to yourself. Life is too unpredictable to know what’s tomorrow is made off.

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