Powerful Routine

We all have during our life created habits, for better or for worse. I experienced a lot of negative or positive feedbacks related to my habits. I also noticed that my routines when well positioned, can save me time and money.

However other routines can be very negative and can have a tremendeous impact on your life, health & wealth. Building up and improving habits by working on your daily routine is a must if you want to reach a level success you ever wanted.

Dangerous Routine

Hopefully you don’t have any routines that are damaging your body and your entire life. I’m going to say that dangerous routines can lead to a poor life with poor self-esteem.

We all have some routines that aren’t productive at all! 

They have been part of us since childhood and we still carry along these unproductive & dangerous habits.

Here are some examples :

  • Turning on & watching the TV for too long
  • Constantly checking Social media (eg: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…)
  • Browsing on Shopify & Amazon to buy stuff you don’t need

Advantage Of Traveling Around The World

Welcome To BerlinGermany – Berlin

Traveling does a lot of great things to our mind & body.

What is traveling? It is journey from one place to another.


When you actually go through your daily life and do your daily thing without thinking, you are in your comfort zone.

To maximize your potential and reach a better life, you have to step yourself outside of your comfort zone, it is easy to say than done.

The best way to break your comfort zone is…TRAVELING

There are a lots of nice places to explore in the world. Your discovery doesn’t have to be organized to anyone expectation or what you saw in a movie, there are exciting places that are waiting for you to experience in the real world.

Here are a few advantages you can find to traveling around the world:

Raquel and I - SpainSpain – Madrid

You Will Enjoy The Ride

The reason why more and more people travel is because they simply enjoy to explore.

There are many ways to travel the world. An example can be to go hiking to different mountains; some people enjoy surfing while other prefer hiking.

Traveling to IrelandDingle – Ireland

You Get To Know People From Everywhere

The world has a lot of countries and not everyone is ready to listen your stories… SO BE PREPARED.

However when traveling, you start meeting people from different places. In life, one of the most important skills you need to have is social skills and you will learn it only by interacting & communicating with people who are different from your belief-system.

Traveling does not only improve your routine, it does improve your communication skills too. It can improve your self-confidence, since you face more open-minded people.

How To Travel The WorldGraz – Austria

You Discover Places You Haven’t Seen Before

A great reason to travel is to discover a place you haven’t seen before, right?

Traveling can be the way to discover your inner-self by discovering a new unknown place. It allows you to have discoveries in new places and see things you never thought possible.

You deserve a holiday…


Interested To Travel

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When are you going to do the leap of faith & start your dreams? Let me know what you think.

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