When you start traveling around the world, you will get to know more & more people from different cultures & countries. You will also have the opportunity to visit them in their own country…It is a great experience to do so and you will reap a better understanding of your friends met abroad.

My Beloved Spanish FriendsEnjoying the life in Galway with my spanish friends Javier & Fernando!

What are the benefits of friendships?

Good friends can be met anywhere & are good for your health, your life & your memories. Friends can help you enjoying great times and provide support during bad times. It is really hard to share to someone who doesn’t have the same experience than you but true friends are ready to listen to almost any kind of situation.

Your friends will encourage you by :

  • increasing the amount of happiness
  • reducing stress
  • improving your sense of belonging & life purpose
  • achieving great results & increase your confidence

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We don’t really talk about it but friends really promote the awareness of health & travel as well…by sharing your experience abroad, you will likely encourage another friend to do the same!

Spanish Reunion - SpainVisiting my friends in Alcala de Henares, Getafe & Madrid

Are You Looking For Quantity Or Quality?

Quality should be the priority when it comes to friendships. It will likely have a long term impact on your overall health and decision. While it’s good to cultivate a diverse network especially when you are traveling, you also want to reap the benefit of having reliable close friends.

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How Does Social Media Can Affect Your Friendships?

Nowadays as social media is becoming more and more trendy, people tend to spend more time on diverse social network…developing and maintaining healthy relationships involve a lot of work.

I also have to mention that social media is not always bad as it helps to give some good help when you first land to a new country. It can also help you finding a room, getting to know new places, and makes life easier.

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Save The Trees

How do you make friends abroad? What recommendations can you give to help people traveling more & meeting more people? Leave a meaningful comment…

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