Many great people will agree on my opinion of the school system and its lack of creativity. Let’s have a look forward and enjoy the life as it is!

School is frequently voiced as ramdom, useless, and meaningless…

What do you do that is so important to your life? Why do you do it?

These 2 questions should be the most important questions of your journey.

In class, you spend your time with too much useless topics. The quality has been sacrificed for the past 20 years for quantity which is unfortunately not possible for students to learn in the most effective way.

It always amazed me to see how the education is always based on authority where good students are not the most open-minded people but simply the sheeps of the class.

Much of school is a waste of time.

The sole purpose of education should be to free your mind, to elevate your understanding of life and oneself, to become a competent thinker and to become the one to make a difference in the world.

The best chance for survival and success in life – “adaptability”.

You still want to discover the planet and have fun doing it? Are you a student who dreams of traveling the world and getting to know other cultures? Well you might not have to wait for so long, as it possible to study and work around the world.

Why Is School Not The Best Way To Reach Your Potential?

The truth is that you probably spent most of your childhood at school. You can easily make a six-figure salary but instead you are still at school studying for whatever reasons!

You probably realized that for you school is not the best way and most appropriate form of education but travel is. The average child is going to spend 15 years in the education system before having any type of certification.

School is probably a good way to learn basics but if you want to be the greatest, you have to work on your skills & craft them after school. Unfortunately school takes so much time that it’s hard for you to create time for personal achievements.

Also schools force children to become little adults right away which leads to a lack of enjoyment during the early stage of life. Kids have to stay sit for many hours, following instructions, and doing work.

The saddest part about school is that children are not allowed to be children anymore!

A Great City

Does School Teach Lots Of Useless Things?

I think my lovely readers that you already know the answer…

Schools probably teach lots of unnecessary things that won’t help you to spend life on your own terms & conditions. A lot of quality time will be wasted at school and the worst is that people probably don’t realize it.

When I first got to my language classes, I wasn’t that good in learning English or German but I had a great fun with a friend that made me laugh along my high school. I was learning English as a second language and German but my teachers always said to me that I won’t make it!

I don’t like to say it but too many teachers suck in real education!

Unless you understand the power of teaching, you will never ever become the best teacher you can be.

I also remember my history class when I had to learn a bunch of useless dates and events without any understandings. The worst is that we want to learn it to have a good grade but not to extend our mind.

Overall I spent 95% of my time at school learning unneccessary things.

Schools Don’t Teach The Real Stuff You Need

Life will teach you what you need to know but school won’t.

Life will teach hard choices & decisions made along your journey, will educate about how to make money, to learn more of freedom, being healthy and falling in love.

If you want to learn proper things of life, you have to invest time in your education.

You also need to be a life-time student and always willing to learn more things.

The Beauty Of Spain

Find out more information on the importance of traveling and why it will improve your life & vision.

Improving your understanding of what matters in life is all you need to reach a better life.

You don’t have to be the smartest, the most determined or courageous person on the planet… you simply need to adapt.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

A lot of people have an established comfort zone. The comfort zone can be hard to break but it is when you are young that you are most likely going to break it. When I was a student at home with mom and dad, I had a great time at school. I had my friends, job, family, outdoor activities, and many more…

I became really scared when I first traveled to Australia and started camping in the Blue Mountains. The importance of traveling  is that you learn to deal better with unfamiliar situations. Check out the following links of my different travels.

I also realized the importance of being prepared during my journey. Crazy Janette offered me some nice tools, I could use to make fire such as the Swiss Knife. With it I cut branches off and made fire with. It took me 45 minutes to set the fire but it worked out perfectly fine at the end.

It can be scary but once you know how to connect with people despite foreign environments, you become a smarter and more competent person.

I also found on Internet an interesting point of view of Seth Godin – “Stop Stealing Dreams”

A hundred and fifty years ago, adults were incensed about child labor. Low-wage kids were taking jobs away from hard-working adults.

Sure, there was some moral outrage about seven-year-olds losing fingers and being abused at work, but the economic rationale was paramount. Factory owners insisted that losing child workers would be catastrophic to their industries and fought hard to keep the kids at work — they said they couldn’t afford to hire adults. It wasn’t until 1918 that nationwide compulsory education was in place.

Part of the rationale used to sell this major transformation to industrialists was the idea that educated kids would actually become more compliant and productive workers. Our current system of teaching kids to sit in straight rows and obey instructions isn’t a coincidence—it was an investment in our economic future. The plan: trade short-term child-labor wages for longer-term productivity by giving kids a head start in doing what they’re told.

Large-scale education was not developed to motivate kids or to create scholars. It was invented to churn out adults who worked well within the system. Scale was more important than quality, just as it was for most industrialists.

School is probably not the reflection of the real world.

What do you think of the education system? How do you think the education system can improve young people to have a better life? Do you think traveling should be part of a mandatory experience for students? 

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