Do you really think making a “Bucket List is that important?

What is a bucket list to be honest? I don’t want to even think about all things I want to realize in my life because I have to do things before I die. I once decided to make a bucket list with all great adventures I wanted to do; I wanted to travel to Australia, do bungee-jumping, go and see the Everest, and so on…the list can go on forever.

I even had different bucket lists for different things in my life. I had my travel bucket list which I already mentioned, but I also had my career bucket list.

I am almost going to reach 30 years old and what most people think before they turn 30? They think closely about what they achieved.

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Graz, Austria

Why 30?

I have no clue, but there is probably a psychological explanation behind it. I once came down to see a friend and made the tour of France after my studies. I was so excited to travel with my friend as we talked for years about it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t make it as we ran out of money. As you know when you are young, your cashflow is very limited or almost close to nothing. We had to drive out faster to our hometown as we had no money to visit Brittany in the Westside of France.

I think, everyone should have a good understanding of what they want in their life but limiting your life to a mere “bucket list” can have negative side effects.

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The first reason is literally within its meaning. A bucket list has to stop at some point and you might ending up on your life too quickly. Don’t hold yourself on your bucket list to make them as a priority because you might be losing some great opportunities along the ride.


Lanzarote – Spain

The second reason implies the term “regrets”. This great word or should I have to say bad word is going to be heard many times in life if we don’t do things we really want to. You should always be aware of that at the end, you won’t finish the story alive and whether of sickness, accident, a disease or whatever death can happen.

Nothing is more unpredictable than life itself and worse of all is to sit on your deathbed rejuvenating all things you could have done if you had a seconde chance. Don’t be tied to a bucket list because when you will be looking back to see how much you’ve accomplished and how much you have done, I am sure you won’t think about number 10 or number 34 on your bucket list.

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How will be the future?

Another reason that you should never forget about your own life. Your life is a not a checklist that you have to create to do all meaningfull things, it’s still striking to see how many people create to-do lists and do little or nothing at all. Even if you run a short life, you have endless possibilities to be the person you want to be. You don’t have to wait 60 to be retired to travel the world because you never know what will happen in your life. Your might end up paying up for your sickness and all money saved for your trips will go for your illness. Don’t wait that life happens to you because it won’t, don’t wait to create the situation because it won’t, learn to create the situation because it won’t happen like you expect it to happen but it will happen…not for you but to you.

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