When it comes to social media, it’s important to master one skill, which is hashtags…

Hashtags are by so far keys to SEO and visibility of your content. Hashtags can also help you spark, search & unite amazing experience to discuss with people around the world & across the internet.

The power of Hashtags when properly used will help you to boost your pages & attract new followers to your accounts. However, don’t feel bad, if you don’t understand which Hashtags to use…


What are the benefits to use Hashtags?

Create a group conversation

Did you know that with a single hashtag, you can have an entire conversation been created on… so you can organize ongoing discussions, allowing everyone across social media to participate & share their concerns.  Using hashtags allows you to help increasing a steady stream of social media content in search so that even those watching can get & watch along.

Relaxing in Belfast#seekmoments

Moreover, when you focus on Hashtags; every person that are commenting on your social network are potentially going to attract potential customers watching your discussion.

Promote across social networks

Promoting among different social media platforms such as (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and many more…). Using hashtags among many social media platforms are help in a way to highlights posts so you can cross-promote contents.

In the long run, your followers will begin to adopt it as well!

El jardin del cactus#workfromanywhere

Harnessing social media & hashtags take a lot of time but with hard & smart work you will gain benefits and see growth on platforms you don’t engage with regularly.

Feedback recommendations

When it comes to get acknowledgement or help, social media can be a great tool to get direct feedback from your customers, and it also helps to solicit feedback on new ideas, creations, inspirations & developments from potential customers, too. If you want to use the right hashtag that reflects the kind of feedback you want, then you should first ask your audience what they are looking for that can reflect what you can offer to them.

Sharing A Drink With My Host Brothers - Germany#traveldude

Stick to your rules

When everything is not going as we want, we should get strong & come back to the start of our journey. When everything is about to fail, check out what trends people are looking & talking about, it will help you to orientate better your popularity on social media and to steer the traffic to your advantage.

#famous hashtags to use to reaching a better audience on social media for travel bloggers.

#adventureseeker, #travelmore, #goexplore, #doyoutravel, #wanderlust, #tblogger, #travelpreneur, #bloggerofinstagram, #seekmoments, #roomwithaview, #hotelstay, #hotelroom, #travelsolo, #responsibletravel, #laptoplifestyle, #workhardfromanywhere, #workabroad.

However, remember that hashtags are a way to find yourself on social media and just because you are using more than one hashtag in a message doesn’t mean that you should necessarily do it!

Use the tool only when it makes sense to you and to the audience you are targeting.

Welcome To Berlin#solotravel

How do you use Hashtag to promote your brand? Leave a meaningful comment…

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