Do you think speaking other languages is really an advantage?

Our native language will shape on the long term the ways in which we see and perceive the world. The more words you will be encountering while speaking languages, the more things you will know about the world. In the past, teaching a second or a third language to a child was difficult and not recommended…however, today a child that grows up speaking two or more languages can have a world of meanings much wider than one experience by other children. Bilangualism is closely related to the acquisition of languages in which you acquire languages, and can even write as natural as possible.

Learning English
Learning English during my first week in Australia – I was 17!

What are the benefits of learning another language?

The brain is a fantastic organ that can hardly be recognized or understood…however, it seems that the brain of a bilingual speak can quickly get used to managing two or more languages at the same time. During my experience languages, I realized that the hardest language to learn was the first one because your brain has to process another language. Once, you acquire a foreign language you will soon realize that learning other languages become a lot easier!

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This helps to develop your cognitive skills that have a tremendous impact on the brain’s system, which generally activate high-level thought and help to sustain concentration. I am not sure about this because I am really bad at multitasking but maybe because I am a man!

Research show that people who used to switch to different languages are by far better at multitasking.

"Art is eternal, but life is short" - Evelyn de Morgan

“Art is eternal, but life is short” – Evelyn de Morgan

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Obviously, learning more than one language will help a child to pick up another one with ease.

It’s fair to explain that bilingual speakers usely have the ability to learn new words faster, coming up with solutions to current problems and have good listening skills. The listening skills are important for people who are willing to learn another language. It will help to learn and understand faster a language.

International party in Australia

Having fun with my international friends!!!

If you worry that your children might encounter communication problem while learning a second or third language, this will only last for a few months…being bilingual is something that will help them to lead great lives and develop understanding toward different cultures.

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