The challenge that we are facing everyday will be enormous if we don’t act now. Trash, chemicals, energy, unnatural amounts of lightning affecting soils, water air and resources are lacking more and more. These effects will have a terrible effect on the ecosystem, causing dramatic changes to nature, industrial food supply & the human health.

Welcome To Graz

I want to preserve a great environment shown as the picture above in Graz.

What are the challenges of the future?

We are going to meet many challenges in the future with the pollution and the increase of waste.


Our environment needs to breath. Greenhouse gases contribute a lot to climate change such as carbon dioxide and methane, which cause the rise of the sea leave, drought or hotter temperature. I can already feel in Ireland, the temperature climbing higher and higher…It seems that climate change is something that won’t be solved tomorrow.

Giant's Causeway

Look at this great landscape, nicely preserved. The Giant’s Causeway is a great place to visit in Northern Ireland.



Our health is what we have to take care the most. If we are not healthy, we cannot be happy and truly fulfilled. The pollution will directly affect on all fronts the human health. Caloric deficiencies have a negative affect on our health and this is the result of a limited food supply.

Enjoying the life in The North of France

I also want to be able to enjoy the nice landscape of my hometown, whenever I want. It feels good to be healthy and to have a meaningful life!

What options do we have?

The SKYWAY project will successfully bring the innovative transport system to the world market. That is why SKYWAY has started active and fruitful cooperation with Global Transport Investments Inc., which is the direct owner of the SKYWAY string transport technology. This partnership will allow for the technology, which is by far ahead of time, to enter a qualitatively different level of its implementation and widespread introduction.

SKYWAY is a fast growing company in the area of innovative transports technologies.

SKYWAY creates comprehensive projects aiming to help people’s lives through fast & better transportation system. If you are interested to visit the SKYWAY website:

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  • This eco-friendly, energy efficient technology is being sought worldwide.

SKYWAY will mark itself as a future giant as GoogleAmazonFacebook, Apple!

The project starts in EcoTechnopark and will become a pivotal point to transfer SKYWAY from a “therotical project” to a “well-selling product”.

Become an investor by purchasing Pre-IPO shares: $250 for 8500 Shares.

You have the option to invest more if you are interested!

Why do you need to invest in SKYWAY?

Reasons why SKYWAY is helping the future of transportation:

• No traffic jams in the city

• Safe travel

• Eco-friendliness

• Resource savings

• Fast and cheap transportation.

You purchase pre-IPO equity shares from the Сompany at large discount at about 1 cent currently and when the Company enters the global market, you will obtain capitalization from 100, 500, 1000% or more. The expectation is that the IPO will issue at about $1, so your investment grows by 100 times. No HYIP, No Revshare, No Matrix plan, No Paid to Click, No monthly Membership fee.

Also affiliate income goes deep to unlimited levels.

Would you be willing to put aside $100 and forget about it for a while? In a couple of years you would cash out at least $8,000. If you did the same with $1,000, that would become $115,000 or more.

Opting to SKYWAY, you will contribute to a better environment and a better life!

Do you want to know more about it? PM and I will be glad to help you out! 

You can also register your account by clicking here or by visiting the SKYWAY account.

How to get in touch with me?

Can you please send me a message on Linkedin or Facebook😃

Linkedin: Kevin Cousaert

Facebook: Kevin Cousaert

What do you think about the future of high speed transport? How do you think we can improve better the planet and the ecosystem? Leave a meaningful comment…

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