Hello Everyone, this time I am not going to be focus on traveling or sharing my tips on traveling…

I will be sharing another interesting topic with you which is the power of social media.

If you don’t know the power of social media, let me give you a good understanding of it!

  • Merely opening a Twitter, Facebook & Instagram account will increase your revenue this year.

The truth is that when social media – when used smartly over time – is the most powerful form of marketing and market research the world has ever seen.

However you must understand that it takes time, to grow any social media into business success.

The magic comes into play when the real time dedicated for it has been translated into work so if you want to get results, make sure to work on your crafts!

What is a social media?

The term refers to being social on internet… The tools have to be optimized to give results but communication & interaction are as old as humanity itself.

That’s why so many principles of web communication haven’t changed much from old days offline selling…

To put it simple… the internet does change rapidly the scale & cost of communication. You can for example send more messages to more people than ever in history of humankind.

Costs of communication have dropped significantly with internet and that’s why businesses can run better on social media.

Whom is it good for?

It’s probably obvious to mention that people are stuck more & more on their devices and cannot enjoy life as it is… However if you want to launch a profitable long-term business, building relationships with fans & customers & increase your visibility online, you must master some of the social network.

Check & Follow my following social media to give you a better understanding :

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter Pinterest | Linkedin 

It doesn’t matter if you are working for a big company trying to work on your own, or already working on your projects. Any of the these social media show your customers or readers that you aren’t a joke!

You can be better trusted and they will know that you know your stuff!

However the biggest factor that can kill your conversions is this actual lack of trust!

Social media gives you a great opportunity to build that trust – provided of course with great exposure, pictures & videos…

Where do you get your ROI on Social Media?

Social Media as you probably know demand a huge investment on your part – not of money but in time, which is of course much more valuable than money.

Tips to get the best return on that investment, here’s where you need to put your social media into practises :

  • Gain the attention of new prospects that will turn into leads in the future. The best way to do this is to encourage your followers, readers to share some of your best contents.
  • Build your email list by bringing those new prospects to a home base & turn them into potential customers or simply as voracious readers of your blog. This must be something you control, like your blog. Use different techniques to bring traffic back to you such as Facebook or Twitter…
  • As we previously mentioned social media are important and will give a face to your brand. This is optional but highly recommended & effective. Keep always in mind that you shouldn’t share everything on social media but simply things that will propel your reputation to the top.
  • Constantly working on conversion – on taking those fans and readers and turning into potential or even great customers. If you want want to master this last step, you need to master the previous steps before.

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How do you use Social media on a daily basis? Leave a meaningful comment…

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