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Hello everyone! My name is Kevin (you can call me Kev). I’m a travel blogger and my goal is to explore the world!

Welcome to my travel blog! This is where I am going to share with you amazing stories, travel tips, inspiring photography, and funny adventures with you from my travels around the world.

It’s a place for people like you who are looking for daily inspiration & motivation to live a life full of adventure. Happiness is only real when shared!!!
I want to show you how to travel the world, to seek experiences over possessions, and open your mind to new possibilities. Let’s go…

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Why Travel For So Long?

I have always been very curious of knowing other cultures, people and about our planet. I also always liked to discover the importance of life and reach a better understanding of our nature. My astrological sign is Sagittarius which means I want to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge myself, see amazing things, explore the world, and learn as much as I can. Discovering the planet has always been a challenge to me, and as I get older I try to achieve my expectations and share it with you.

Not to mention have a bit of happiness to explore along the journey!

  • Travel is the best experience you can have in life and can be cheap.
  • Adventure is worthwhile.
  • The world is an open book that needs readers to tell stories.

Maybe I can show you something you’ve never seen.
Inspire you with great ideas for your next vacation.
Make yourself happy and show the way to other people.
Help you learn from my mistakes.

Live your life as an epic adventure

It is important to realize something crazy and important in our life, something worthwhile living, something that brings us up, and something that will be stored in our mind for the rest of our life!

Living your adventures is much more than simply going on holidays six times a year – it’s something that takes you out of your daily lives. An adventure usually involves challenging ourselves or breaking out of your comfort zone, immersing yourself in different cultures and trying out something new.

I love going outside of my comfort zone and I nurture this desire for a few years already. I only wish more people will step outside and live their dreams.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”   

Saint Augustine

17311728_10212712724641533_2076710612_oMaking New Friends in Ireland

How To Travel The World

I always knew I will travel some days and do it as my daily job. I have been studying international business and management and always tried to spend time abroad, I found myself working as a freelancer for a Dutch company. It was interesting to work and to get experience in a corporate world but something was missing and I didn’t feel as I was reaching the best version of myself. I also had a great opportunity of being an Erasmus student for a German university, and as I traveled more, I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life!

I dreamed of more — a life filled of exciting moments and aventures.

One day I just decided to stop dreaming, and start doing.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”  – Bil Keane

My goal was to save money for two years in the hope to travel, and to become financially free. I am not used to own a lot of stuff, but my freedom is something I care about!

That’s why I sold the only stuff I owned and were valuable, walked to work, stopped going out to clubs/bars on a daily basis, learnt how to cook food at home, and spent all my free time building my travel blog. I am very passionate to share my experience, and to show you how easy it can be – suffice to say, you need to be confident…

When I quit my job, sold everything I owned, and bought a plane ticket to Australia, I was skeptical and scared but I new I will make it.

My family & friends didn’t understand what was my intention behind all of that. They thought I was being really careless and was having a burnout. To be honest, I wasn’t sure of myself either.

I don’t think we choose our dreams, I think our dreams choose us and we need to have the courage to follow them.

It became crystal clear for me that from now on I was going to follow my choosen dreams at all costs!

Mélanie & ICarnival in Cologne, Germany

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I love Scuba divingDiscover The Amazing Great Barrier Reef

Traveling The World On My Own Terms And Conditions

Your guess is as good as mine! I used to like planning but as traveling the world on my own terms and conditions, I like planning nowadays as little as possible, and let destiny guide me with ups and downs adventure. I truly encourage people to check for cheap flights and to get to your next destination.

Exploring the earth with limited budget and learning from people is probably the most rewarding thing that happened in my life!

All the while, attempting to capture and share my travel experiences using photography, video, and articles published on this travel blog.

Hopefully I can motivate you to embark on your own travel adventures!

20121121_421470531586668_2113172657_nEnjoying the beach of Cumbre del Sol, Spain             

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How Do You Deal With Unexpected Situations?

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Q: How Do You Cope With Loneliness And Still Enjoy Your Journeys?

Answer: I never really felt lonely because I felt it was the right thing to do. Using Backpacker Hostels or CouchSurfing rather than spending a lot of money on a hotel room ensures I meet all kinds of interesting people of all ages, backgrounds, and locations from across the planet who are as excited about travel as I am.

Q: How Did You Start Your Travel Blog?

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Thanks to every reader for the wonderful work you have put in. Without you the blog won’t be as successful as it can be today!

– Kevin